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We are at a dead end.

We have already talked about Hercolubus in a rather superficial way, without going too deep in order not to frighten, not to alarm people. We are about to witness another deadly and destructive danger, which no one will be able to stop. It is the atomic tests in the ocean.

There are large cracks along the sea, very deep, which are already making contact with the fire of the Earth, precisely because of the atomic tests being carried out by scientists and the powers that believe themselves to be powers, without measuring the consequences of the barbarities they have committed and are committing against the planet and Humanity.

The fire of the Earth has already begun to make contact with the water and we are seeing cyclones, which the gringos call the "El Niño Phenomenon"; it is not "El Niño", it is the contact of the fire of the Earth with the water that is spreading through the ocean.


What they tell us

Just as they are doing with Hercolubus, which is rapidly approaching the Earth, lowering it to the point of daring to give it the weight and measure that this world has, they have done with the extraterrestrials, deforming them as gorillas, as animals, and that is a great lie, one hundred percent false because the inhabitants of the other planets of our solar system and our galaxy are supermen and wise.

Life on Venus

Venusians have perfect bodies: wide forehead, blue eyes, straight nose, blond hair and a surprising intelligence.

They measure between 1.30 and 1.40 meters, there are no taller or shorter; there are no paunchy or disfigured, all have angelic figures: perfection in men and women because it is a planet and its ascending humanity, superior. There you don't see monsters like here.

Life on Mars

Life on Mars is exactly the same as on Venus, there is freedom in everything. Martians can move around all corners of the planet without papers or passports or anything like that and without anyone's permission. Wherever they arrive there is a place to lie down and sleep, food and clothes to change, anywhere on Mars, so wherever they are they find everything they need because there are no borders but complete freedom. The same thing happens on the other planets of our Solar System. The Martian has a thicker body than the Venusian, apparently more drastic, because they belong to the force ray.

The Interplanetary Ships

We are going to narrate a little about the interplanetary ships, which scientists ignore or question, making Humanity doubt the existence of such ships. Interplanetary spacecraft are all powered by solar energy. They are made of a material that is not available here, which is against bullets and against everything; they are one-piece, have no welding, glues, or rivets, and are driven by means of buttons. They carry two horizontal tubes of a material that does not exist on this planet, light, very similar to aluminum but brighter and more resistant. These tubes cross the ship from front to back.

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